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Laundromat Art Space is pleased to present Sunday Painter, an interdisciplinary group show curated by Miami native Alex Nuñez.  Sunday Painter is a visual exploration of the role of music in the artistic studio practice. Through auditory influence we become more intimate with the creative experience in this exhibition.


Sunday Painter began a year ago as a podcast on KPISS.FM in Brooklyn, NY; this alternative studio visit has captured over 30 artists’ working processes and musical inspirations. In 2016, 37 episodes were recorded with artists across the country from diverse international backgrounds, working in various media. This group exhibition includes a survey of participating artists exploring themes of identity, perception, self reflection, millennial symbology, vanity, opulence, throwaway necessity, tropi-tourist consumerism and the transcendental exploration of art making.


Laundromat Art Space

5900 NE 2nd Avenue

Miami, FL 33137


Gallery Hours

by appointment only

Tuesday- Saturday 12- 6 PM

For press inquiries please contact

Email us to schedule a visit!

on view thru Feb 2017

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